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Do you sell new and used instruments?
Yes, we sell both new and used instruments. As an authorized dealer for many major manufacturers, we have a plentiful supply of new and used band instruments.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Credit Cards:  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express Credit Cards.
For the protection of our customers, all credit card orders are subject to name and address verification.
Checks: We accept voided checks/ACH for our instrument rental contracts.
A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks.
Cash is accepted for in store purchases.

Do you accept School Purchase Orders?
Yes!  We do accept School Purchase Orders. Please give us a call at 505-633-6646 for more information.
Shipping & Verifying School Orders:
All school orders will be shipped to the official school address only. For security reasons, it may be necessary for us to verify your order with the school. To avoid processing delays, please provide the most accurate billing and shipping information available.
School Payment Terms:
Payment on school orders is due within 30 days from receiving your merchandise. Your school will receive a monthly statement along with invoice copies. Late payments may incur additional charges.

How do I know if my item is on backorder?
If any product is not available, we will contact you by email or phone with up to date delivery information.

What is a Special Order item?
Special Order items are those items not normally requested and therefore are usually not kept in stock. Special Order items carry a 20% Factory Restocking Fee if the item is returned.
If a product you ordered is a Special Order item, you will be notified BEFORE THE ORDER IS PLACED WITH THE FACTORY regarding the 20% restocking fee charge policy.  

Will I be charged Sales Tax?
Sales tax is collected in the state of New Mexico.  501(c)(3) organizations are exempt from sales tax.

Do you take instruments in on trade?
Yes! We take most instruments on trade. Before putting your old instrument(s) in the attic consider trading them in towards your instrument purchase. We will take most band director approved instruments you are no longer using and give you a trade allowance to use towards anything we sell!

Whether you have one instrument or several instruments, bring us your instrument and we'll give you a price. We take Brasswinds, Woodwinds, Strings, and Percussion Equipment.

What warranty do I have on my instrument purchase?
Each manufacturer offers its own warranty on their products. Specific warranty information is provided with your instrument purchase. Should your new instrument need warranty service performed, contact us directly at 505-633-6646.

Who performs the warranty work on my instrument?
In most cases, all warranty work will be performed by our repair technicians at our store location.  There are times when a new instrument may need to be sent to the factory for repair or replacement. Please contact us at 505-633-6646 if you feel your instrument is in need of warranty repair service for proper shipping instructions.

What types of repair services do you offer?
Our staff is equipped to provide anything from basic maintenance to a complete overhaul of your instrument.
How do I go about getting my instrument repaired or overhauled.
Please contact us at 505-633-6646 or bring your instrument to our shop and let us know what issues you are having with it. We will advise you on the appropriate repair necessary based upon our assessment of the problem. Upon receipt of your instrument, our technicians will examine your instrument and contact you if there is anything out of the ordinary which may change the repair price quoted to you. Any additional repairs needed will not be performed without your prior authorization.

How do I know if my instrument is still under warranty?
Most standard instrument purchases are under warranty for one year from the date of invoice.
I never received confirmation of my order. What do I do?
Please call us at 505-633-6646 to verify that we have your correct email address on file. Have your Web PO or order confirmation number ready. Our Customer Service representative will be happy to check on the status of your order, and provide you with any information available.

Does J Sharp Music have gift cards?
Yes we do! For information on redeeming a gift card, or to purchase one, please call us at 505-633-6646

My product is outside the return policy, and now I'm having problems with it. What can I do?
The first step is to determine if your product is currently under warranty through the manufacturer. If you are unsure if your item is still under warranty, you can typically find the warranty terms included in the manual with your product, or on the manufacturer's website. If you are under warranty and would like to submit a claim through the manufacturer, most manufacturers accept requests through the support section of their website. Some will have you submit your claim through us however. In order to do that, call or email us and have the following information ready for our support staff:
Serial number from the product
Brief description of the warranty claim (What is wrong with the item)
Shipping address where the manufacturer will return the item after evaluation and repair
If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Do you offer any string instruments and accessories?
Yes we do!  Please visit our store or give us a call for more information.

Do you offer microphones and recording equipment?
Yes we do!  We can help outfit you with the proper equipment for any size group.

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